September 10, 2021
John Arzoomanian, South Street Landing Building Operations Manager
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To South Street Landing Employees: Welcome Back to South Street Landing (with FAQs)


Dear Colleagues:

Welcome back to South Street Landing! For those of you who have already started to return to work in the building, you have likely noticed a few changes, from new signage to new technology. To help ease the transition further, we have put together a Return to South Street Landing FAQ to answer the most commonly asked questions about working together again. For details about University policies regarding COVID-19 and related topics, visit


John Arzoomanian
Building Operations Manager

FAQ: Return to South Street Landing

Visit Healthy Brown for information about University policies regarding COVID-19, the Delta variant and related topics. 

What health protocols are in place to safeguard the health and safety of Brown employees working in South Street Landing?

The public health policies and practices implemented by the University extend to the Brown work environment in South Street Landing. Brown is requiring all students, faculty and staff to receive the COVID-19 vaccine when they become eligible and to stay informed about the vaccines by learning about their safety, effectiveness and availability. Both URI/RIC are currently following the same policies for required vaccination protocol.

In addition, routine COVID-19 testing is mandatory for all Brown students, faculty and staff. Updated policies for visitors and guests are designed to engage in community-building in-person, while also limiting risk and prioritizing the health and safety of community members.

For South Street landing specifically, numerous building safeguards have been put in place. These are listed on this “COVID-19 Building Safeguards” webpage, and include increased cleaning; nanoseptic self-cleaning pads at high-touch points; foot-operated door pulls and motion-activated faucets and paper towel dispensers; sanitizer stations; increased spacing between tables and chairs in common areas; and frequent replacement of HVAC filters and water filters, as well as flushing of water fill stations and water fountains. Learn about other updates in the University’s “Reuniting Our Campus Community” video.

Am I required to wear a mask at all times while working at my workstation? 

You should wear a mask covering your nose, mouth and chin while working in a workstation, meeting room or other shared indoor space, except for while actively eating and drinking. When this activity occurs over a longer period of time, such as drinking coffee, you are advised to lower your mask only as needed. 

Can I remove my mask while working in a privacy room or small huddle room? 

You may choose to remove your mask while in these private rooms, as long as you are alone and with the door closed. Please keep in mind that these rooms are used by others over the course of the day, and there is no guarantee of time between use.

What should I do if I see someone not wearing a mask inside?   

The University makes reasonable accommodations for community members with health conditions preventing them from wearing masks. As with vaccination status, you should not ask another individual about their personal choice to wear or not wear a mask, as this is personal health information. Any employee can report behaviors inconsistent with or in violation of the University’s COVID-19 Campus Safety Policy to a supervisor, University Human Resources or other University official. For emergency situations, call the Brown Department of Public Safety at 401-863-4111. Additionally, Brown’s Anonymous Reporting Hotline allows anonymous and confidential reporting on matters of concern online or by phone (877-318-9184); however, please note this service does not generate an immediate response. 

Can I have lunch in my workstation with my mask off, or do I need to go outdoors or to some other designated area? 

You may remove your mask while you are actively eating in a workstation or other workspace, or in a designated indoor dining area.

Are there tables and chairs outside the building designated for eating and drinking? 

There are currently no tables and chairs for dining directly outside South Street Landing. However, there are a few benches outside the main entrance and at nearby River House. There are also some benches, as well as a few picnic tables, set up at Ship Street Square, located behind the Warren Alpert Medical School at the corner of Ship and Richmond streets.

Am I required to use earphones to minimize noise if I’m on a Zoom call in my workstation?

Using earphones in shared spaces is recommended but not required when you are participating in a Zoom video conference or call. When listening to Zoom calls from your workspace, please be considerate of the colleagues working around you. In addition to using earphones, you may choose to use a small huddle room or private room while taking a Zoom call. This also can help you avoid audio issues that might occur if you are trying to listen to or speak on a Zoom call while close to others who are on the same call. If sharing the room with a colleague, use only one device for audio to avoid audio issues.

What is the etiquette for dropping by someone’s workspace without an appointment?

Just as before the pandemic, please be considerate when visiting another individual’s workspace. Some communications may be better suited to email or virtual or in-person meetings, which may reduce the need for close contact. Wear your mask, practice social distancing and limit loud and prolonged conversation in shared spaces.

What are the guidelines for the use of kitchens? Will coffee makers, microwaves and other appliances be available for staff use?

Kitchens may be used as normal, including shared appliances such as coffee makers, microwaves and refrigerators, and shared dishes and utensils. As always, please be considerate while using this space and the items in it: clean up, place used dishes in the dishwasher, throw away, recycle or compost your trash and wipe down any spills. 

What are the guidelines for the use of conference rooms? Are there limits on the number of people who can attend a meeting in a conference room?

There are no limits to the number of individuals allowed in conference rooms, beyond the posted occupancy. Follow the current Brown policy regarding mask wearing, and try to give others space when possible. Conference rooms can be scheduled as usual through your Google calendar. Remember to start the meeting on the monitor outside the room to ensure the space remains reserved for your use throughout the duration of your meeting.

What are the guidelines for the use of elevators? Are there limits to the number of people allowed in an elevator at one time?

There are no limits to the number of individuals allowed in an elevator at one time, beyond the posted occupancy. As always when indoors, follow the current Brown policy regarding masking.

What cleaning protocols should I follow in shared spaces?

While the University does not require individuals to disinfect an area after use, it has increased the frequency of cleaning and disinfecting for shared spaces. As always, please be considerate when occupying shared spaces and clean up before leaving the space. 

What is the response plan if there is an outbreak of people testing positive for COVID-19 in the building?

Brown has implemented a contact tracing program, through which the University is notifying individuals who have been in contact with someone infected with SARS-CoV2, coordinating with the Rhode Island Department of Health (RIDOH) as necessary. In the event of any cluster of positive COVID-19 cases, the University would confer with medical and public health experts, including RIDOH, while continuing to monitor testing results to determine prevalence and appropriate courses of action. 

What should I do if I test positive for COVID-19 or if I am exposed to another employee who has tested positive?

The University is committed to ensuring that those who may have been exposed to COVID-19 understand the health protocols to follow. Answers to questions about exposure to COVID-19 can be found on the Healthy Brown website and in the University’s COVID-19 Campus Safety Policy. The website also includes a comprehensive set of FAQs about testing and vaccinations.

Can I schedule my COVID-19 test during my in-office work day?

Yes, you may schedule your COVID-19 test during the work day. Additional information about COVID-19 testing can be found in the University’s COVID-19 Campus Safety Policy and on the Testing and Tracing page on the University’s Healthy Brown website.

Where is the closest COVID-19 testing location for employees at South Street Landing, and when is it open?

Brown’s testing site at One Davol Square in the Jewelry District is the closest location to South Street Landing. Enter the building at One Davol through the atrium on South Street across from the driveway for South Street Landing. Follow the signs to the check-in stations on the first floor. The testing site is open from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. Monday through Friday and closed on weekends. Visit the Healthy Brown Testing Sites and Hours webpage for other locations and hours.

Have there been any changes to Brown University Shuttle operations since Brown adopted COVID-19 protocols in spring 2020? 

Occupancy limits on the Brown University Shuttle have returned to normal after having limited capacity for much of 2020 and 2021. All riders are required to wear masks, regardless of vaccination status. 

Do I need to wear a mask when waiting for the Brown University shuttle, walking around Providence or visiting local restaurants and shops?

Community members are not required to wear masks outdoors, but it is prudent to do so when in close proximity (less than 6 feet) to others. Unvaccinated community members must wear a mask outdoors when social distancing of at least 6 feet is not possible.

I prefer to remain in spaces where health protocols are being observed as much as possible while I'm at work; are there dining options in the building?

Cafe la France, located in the first-floor lobby of South Street Landing, is open from 7 a.m. to 2 p.m. Monday through Friday and offers a selection of snacks, soups, breakfast and lunch sandwiches, coffee and other beverages.