Campus Activity Status

This page provides a summary of permissible campus activities for Brown community members aligned with the easing of COVID-19 health protocols and required prevention measures.

The COVID-19 Campus Safety Policy reflects current medical and health guidance, regulations of the State of Rhode Island and public health conditions. The policy is an important foundation governing the activities of the entire campus, and all members of the community should carefully review and fully understand the updated policy and their individual responsibilities and obligations. Summary information regarding the current activities allowed on campus and the health protocols in place can be found below.

What is Required


  • Employees and students are required to be vaccinated against COVID-19. Details regarding this policy and how to comply with the requirements can be found on the Vaccinations page.


  • Testing is mandatory for all unvaccinated employees and students (those with approved exemptions and those who are in the process of getting vaccinated) and optional for all other employees, undergraduate, graduate and medical students who are on campus. Testing requirements and frequency are detailed on the Testing and Tracing page.


  • Indoor Masking (Including On and Off Campus for Students). All community members — regardless of vaccination status — are required to wear masks indoors, unless in a private, non-shared space or when actively eating or in accordance with the modified masking requirements for specific types of activities detailed below. Masks are required at all times on Brown University Shuttles and when traveling with other people in a Brown owned vehicle or Zipcar. This requirement applies to students' off-campus residences, except when students are alone or with those they immediately live with (roommate, suitemate or apartment mates).
  • Outdoor Masking may be required at some large outdoor gatherings that include individuals from outside the Brown community (who may or may not be vaccinated). When masking is required, event managers and publicity will inform attendees.
  • Modified Masking for Indoor Course Instruction. Fully vaccinated instructors may choose to remove their masks when they are speaking during the course of instruction (though they are not required to do so). Students must wear masks throughout the course of instruction.
  • Modified Masking for Indoor Lectures. Fully vaccinated lecturers may choose to remove their mask (though they are not required to do so) when they are speaking during the course of their remarks/presentation at events sponsored by academic or administrative departments and/or student organizations, including training and instructional sessions administered by administrative departments. In the case of a lecture panel, panelists should only remove their mask when speaking. Audience members must wear masks throughout the lecture, including when asking questions of the lecturer.
  • Modified Masking for Indoor Performances. Fully vaccinated performers, including students, in theater productions, dance performances, music performances, a cappella concerts, and other similar performance events (including rehearsals for performance events) may choose to remove their mask (though they are not required to do so) when they are performing. This modification applies to solo as well as group performances, although in the case of group performances (and rehearsals) reasonable caution should be exercised to reduce the risk of transmission through measures such as limiting the time of unmasked performance, providing space where possible for social distancing between unmasked performers, and requiring mask wearing for individuals when they are not actively performing or rehearsing. Audience members must wear masks throughout the performance.
  • Modified Masking for Indoor Athletic and Recreation Activities. Fully vaccinated individuals may choose to remove their masks (though they are not required to do so) when they are engaged in indoor athletic and recreation activities. This includes varsity athletic practice and competition, club and intramural athletic competition, and use of indoor facilities such as the Nelson Fitness Center. Care should be taken to wear masks when not actively engaged in athletic, recreation and fitness activities (after use of cardio equipment, moving within the facility, in locker rooms, etc.)


The following social distancing standards should be followed by all individuals on the Brown campus:

  • Unvaccinated individuals indoors: Wear a mask and maintain a 6-foot distance from others at all times (especially when actively eating and drinking, which requires removal of the mask).
  • Unvaccinated individuals outdoors: Maintain a 6-foot distance from others at all times; wear a mask if that is not possible.
  • Vaccinated individuals indoors: Wear a mask; social distancing is not required (while actively eating and drinking it is a good idea to distance as much as possible).
  • Vaccinated individuals outdoors: Mask and social distancing are not required unless indicated at a specific event.

What is Permitted

OUTDOOR ACTIVITIES WITHOUT MASKS (if participants are fully vaccinated).

  • Outdoor club sports; individual and group athletics and recreation
  • Student organization meetings, events and programs (To the extent possible holding meetings, events and programs outside is strongly preferred.)
  • Hanging out on campus green spaces with friends


  • Academic classes.
  • In-person dining in all campus eateries (masks required except when actively eating or drinking).
  • Student organization meetings, events and programs when holding these outdoors is not an option.
  • Studying or meeting friends in the Campus Center, libraries or other campus spaces.
  • Use of the Nelson Fitness Center and Katherine Moran Coleman Aquatics Center.

EVENTS, MEETINGS AND PROGRAMS MAY BE HELD (including those hosted by student organizations).

  • Events of any size with or without food may be held subject to standard University policies and process and in compliance with mask protocols and public health regulations in effect at the time of the event. Student organization meetings, events and programs may be held subject to guidance and policies of the Student Activities Office.

VISITORS AND GUESTS ARE ALLOWED ON THE BROWN UNIVERSITY CAMPUS (without specific approvals or permissions, subject to Brown’s policies and health protocols).

  • All visitors and guests must comply with the University’s COVID-19 Campus Safety Policy and follow all guidance, direction and requirements regarding COVID-19 health and safety protocols, including at events.
  • Visitors to and guests of Brown University are explicitly subject to the provisions and expectations outlined in the Visitors & Guests section for vaccinations and masking.

UNIVERSITY TRAVEL IS GENERALLY ALLOWED (for all faculty, staff and students).

  • Detailed information and current guidance can be found on the Travel Policies page.
  • If travel away from campus will impact your testing cadence, students should contact [email protected] and employees should contact [email protected] for compliance monitoring purposes.
  • If the purpose of travel is to carry out essential field research, the Justification and Safety Plan must first be approved by the Field Research Subcommittee.
  • Details about field research approvals are available on the Resuming Research webpage.


  • In administrative and academic buildings, in-person meetings and use of conference rooms and other spaces is allowed with no limits on size (other than fire code and other non-pandemic related restrictions).
  • The use of kitchen and break spaces is allowed in administrative and academic buildings. Residence hall kitchens, study spaces and lounges are open for student use.
  • Mask-wearing and social distancing protocols should be followed as outlined above.

What is Highly Recommended


  • Students who have off-campus employment at such facilities can do so, but should be especially careful to wear masks at all times while at work.