June 3, 2020
Dean of the Graduate School Andrew G. Campbell and Dean of the College Rashid Zia

To Brown Students: Postponing Preregistration until August & Updating Courses @ Brown


Dear Students,

We know that this is a challenging time with many questions about the fall semester and year ahead, and we are writing to share updates regarding preregistration for fall courses. 

The University is engaged in comprehensive planning, informed by expert public health guidance, for the upcoming academic year. With the health and wellness of our community as the leading priority, the work of the Healthy Fall 2020 Task Force is well underway, and President Paxson has shared with the campus that she will make a decision regarding on-campus operations for the 2020-21 academic year no later than July 15. Given the timeline for the University’s announcement and the three academic instruction scenarios under consideration, fall preregistration will be postponed until early August. 

In all three scenarios under consideration, the Office of the University Registrar must update [email protected] to facilitate preregistration. To begin this system update, current information about Academic Year 2020-21 courses will be cleared on Tuesday, June 16, and information will be reposted to [email protected] after the University has announced its decision for the coming academic year. Prior to June 16, you will receive an email with the contents of your Primary Cart. You will need to rebuild your Primary Cart, including any override requests previously approved, when the system is reset.

We will share additional information with you in the time leading up to August preregistration. To accommodate the needs of our expansive global community, we will be making changes to the preregistration system to improve this process for all students. We value your advice and feedback, and invite you to share any ideas or suggestions via this Google Form.

Thank you all for your patience.


Andrew G. Campbell
Dean of the Graduate School

Rashid Zia
Dean of the College