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To Brown Students: New BrownConnect Summer Opportunities


Dear Students,

As we approach the end of the semester, we know that many of you are looking ahead to the summer and searching for remote opportunities that will help you expand and apply your learning. We also understand that the disruption of this moment means it is even more important to connect with others to build meaningful, rewarding, and supportive partnerships.

Therefore, we are writing to share information about two new initiatives: (1) the BrownConnect Collaborative SPRINT Award to fund remote, short-term internship, research, service and teaching opportunities, and (2) the BrownConnect Summer Institute – an immersive remote learning experience to explore career pathways, develop professional skills, and analyze real-world problems alongside alumni and community members.

Please note that all current undergraduate students (including those graduating in May 2020) are eligible to apply for the opportunities described below.

BrownConnect Collaborative SPRINTs – Short-term Projects for Research, Internships, and Teaching

This summer, the College in partnership with CareerLAB, the Sheridan Center for Teaching & Learning, and the Swearer Center for Public Service will offer new opportunities for students to receive funding for remote short-term internships, course development projects, and community engagement experiences. Traditionally, UTRA, LINK, and Signature Program awards have been available to students undertaking full-time, on-site summer experiences. This summer, we will continue to support those opportunities that can be carried out remotely and also create new, flexible, shorter-term options to support a greater number of students. 

The new BrownConnect SPRINT Awards will provide a $2,000 stipend. Collaborative opportunities with Brown faculty, community partners, and alumni employers will be posted in BrownConnect over the next week, and they will be labeled or “tagged” as “SPRINT” opportunities. Students can also apply for funding for opportunities they find elsewhere.

Please complete this brief Google form now to receive program updates. Applications for SPRINTs will open on May 1 and close on May 18 at 11:59 pm, with the first award notifications likely in early June. All undergraduates (including graduating seniors and students who have previously received LINK, UTRA, or Signature Program funding) are eligible to apply. Selected students may still be considered for a LINK, UTRA, or Signature Program awards in the future. Due to limited funding, we will prioritize funding for students with demonstrated financial need. Additional information, including FAQs about the BrownConnect SPRINT Award, is available here.

Additional Financial Support for Students this Summer

As Provost Locke announced, the summer earnings expectations for all students will be waived this year. In addition, students with high demonstrated financial need who receive a $2,000 SPRINT stipend will automatically receive an additional $1,000 gap award for a total award amount of $3,000. Students who are eligible for the additional gap award will be notified in their award selection notice. 

BrownConnect Summer Institute

The BrownConnect Summer Institute (BCSI) will be a free seven-week, virtual summer program for Brown students beginning on June 8, 2020. BCSI is designed to provide students with a meaningful, immersive, and educational experience allowing them to engage with and learn from a diverse group of Brown alumni, community members, faculty, and staff. In the first three weeks, students will participate in virtual case studies hosted by Brown alumni and community members representing a range of industries; engage in skills workshops on topics such as research, financial analysis, life design, and effective networking; hear from senior industry experts; and have opportunities to reflect on their learning. In the second half of the Institute, students can choose to conduct individual or group projects, mentored by volunteer alumni and community members serving in the role of Project Leaders. 

All currently enrolled undergraduates (including May 2020 degree candidates) are eligible to participate in the BrownConnect Summer Institute upon completion of a brief application. For planning purposes, it is important for us to learn of your interest in this program as early as possible. All students who submit an application prior to May 22 will be guaranteed admission; applications received after this time will be considered, but not guaranteed.

We hope that you will find these new opportunities helpful in your summer plans, and as always, please know that you are welcome to reach out to [email protected] with any questions you may have. You can also reach the BrownConnect team directly at [email protected].



Rashid Zia

Dean of the College

  • Dean of the College Rashid Zia