April 27, 2021
Vice President for Campus Life Eric Estes, Associate VP for Campus Life, Executive Director of Health & Wellness Vanessa Britto, Associate VP for Campus Life, Dean of Students Koren Bakkegard
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To Brown Graduating Seniors: Concerning Reports of Large Gatherings


Dear Graduating Seniors,

We know this is an exciting time in your Brown experience, and we are looking forward to seeing you at Senior Week events and Commencement. Many Brown staff members have been working tirelessly to ensure that you have safe in-person events to celebrate your graduation. We regret to have to share today that the Office of Student Conduct and Community Standards has received reports of large social gatherings happening over the past few days that reportedly violate Brown’s required public health protocols and risk the health and safety of the community. We know that the vast majority of you are making healthy decisions in accordance with public health guidance, as you have been all year. These kinds of gatherings, however, risk compromising the health and safety of the community and our ability to hold the events the University has scheduled and approved. 

Additional social gatherings that violate public health policies and protocols -- especially gathering size limits -- may result in the cancellation of remaining Senior Week events as well as jeopardize your participation in Commencement, especially if you host or attend a social gathering in violation of policy. In addition, if you recently arrived in Providence for Commencement, you must follow the agreed upon requirements related to testing and keeping your contacts to a minimum.

We know that many of you are following COVID-19 policies, and we thank you for remaining dedicated to protecting community health. We are disappointed and concerned about reports of some students making unhealthy choices and want to be clear that these choices have consequences for individuals and the community.  

The health and safety of our community is our highest priority, and we want to support students in making the choices that will allow us to proceed with healthy, safe and fun in-person events for Senior Week and Commencement.   

Thank you, 

Eric Estes
Vice President for Campus Life

Koren Bakkegard
Associate Vice President for Campus Life
Dean of Students

Vanessa Britto, M.D., M.Sc., FACP
Associate Vice President for Campus Life
Executive Director of Health and Wellness