August 16, 2020
Dean of the College Rashid Zia and Dean of the Graduate School Andrew G. Campbell
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To Brown Graduate & Undergraduate Students: Course Matches Visible in CAB, Add/Drop Period Begins this Week


Dear Students,

Thank you again for your patience with the new two-stage pre-registration process. 

Initial course matches are now visible in Banner Self-Service and [email protected] You can view your course matches by logging into [email protected] ( and refreshing your Primary Cart (CTRL-R on a PC, Command-R on a Mac). 

Depending on the course preferences you shared last week, you may have been registered for up to three initial matches. Please note that we were only able to register you for courses in which you meet all prerequisites and included all required course components (e.g., conferences, labs, and sections), and we only attempted to match you in this first-stage to courses with high demand.  

Specifically, we prioritized registration for courses in which initial student interest exceeded course capacity, because you will be able to register for other courses (including enrollment-limited courses with capacity) during the add/drop period. Therefore, if you were not registered for a specific course, please check CAB to see if seats are available. This is still the case for the vast majority of courses, and this is the most common reason why students were not matched for their initial preferences.

The add/drop period will begin tomorrow, August 17, at 12pm EDT using our traditional staggered approach as outlined in the Academic Calendar. Please note that we have doubled the staggering period between each class year, and shifted the start time to Noon Eastern, in an attempt to help minimize stress and improve accessibility across multiple time zones. 

Graduate Students and Senior Undergraduates will be able to add and drop courses beginning 12pm EDT tomorrow, followed by Juniors at 12pm EDT on Wednesday, August 19, and Sophomores at 12pm EDT on Friday, August 21. First-Year undergraduates will be able to add and drop courses after meeting with their academic advisors and Meiklejohn peer advisors in early September. If you are a first-year undergraduate not initially matched for a course, or not matched for your top preference, please know that many courses are still open and will be available to you.

After the add/drop period begins for each class year, it will remain open until the end of the Shopping Period on Tuesday, September 22.

Thank you again for your continued patience, and thank you to all the students, staff, and faculty whose ideas and efforts allowed us to implement this new system so quickly. We understand how challenging and frustrating pre-registration can be, and are committed to making this process better. If you have any suggestions about the pre-registration process or feedback about your initial course matches, please use this Google Form


Rashid Zia, Dean of the College


Andrew G. Campbell, Dean of the Graduate School