November 23, 2020
Richard M. Locke, Provost; Barbara Chernow, Executive Vice President for Finance and Administration
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To Brown Employees: Spring Term Return to Campus Plans (deadline)


As Brown prepares to welcome a larger population of students in the spring term, we would like to remind departments to carefully re-assess their operations for the months ahead. To the extent possible, faculty and staff who can work remotely — in full or in part — should continue to do so after Winter Break. Others with a compelling need to return to campus (for instance, in support of the increase in the number of students who will be returning to campus) will do so under a Return to Campus Plan. While assessing who will be required to work onsite, departments should remember the importance of keeping department spaces de-densified and staggering schedules for onsite employees.

If you foresee any changes in your staffing configurations for spring, please submit an amended Return to Campus Plan following the guidelines on the Return to Campus Plans and Guidelines page of the University Human Resources website:

If you do not foresee any necessary changes to onsite operations or staffing, your current approved Return to Campus Plan will remain in effect. Depending on the revised Return to Campus Plans, on-campus designations may change for some employees, requiring them to either limit their time on campus, or report for more frequent COVID-19 testing. We ask that you prioritize submission of amendments that would entail additions to the COVID-19 testing program. If you anticipate that you will need to have additional employees designated as “essential onsite” or “essential special” immediately following Winter Break, please submit your Return to Campus Plan amendment to the appropriate committee (see Return to Campus Plans and Guidelines webpage cited above) no later than December 7. This is necessary to enroll employees in the testing program in a timely manner.

To allow ample time for staff members to manage caregiving or other responsibilities, supervisors will need to inform employees as soon as possible of approved designation changes, particularly those that shift requirements for being on campus. Moreover, we encourage departments to plan staffing needs and related work schedules for the duration of the spring term, thus eliminating the need for frequent Return to Campus amendments and designation changes.

For additional guidance, department leaders can access the COVID-19 Campus Safety Policy and Guidance for Telecommuting, as well as additional Resources and Tips on the University Human Resources page (please see those links below).

Many thanks for your partnership in this work, which is essential for promoting public health and wellness.


Richard M. Locke

Barbara Chernow
Executive Vice President for Finance & Administration


COVID-19 Campus Safety Policy:

Guidance for Telecommuting:

Resources and Tips from University Human Resources: