Campus Vaccination Rate

Brown is tracking and reporting vaccination rates for students, faculty and staff to ensure community health before transitioning to more in-person operations.

Based on discussions with public health and medical experts, Brown aims to achieve near-universal levels — 90% or greater — of vaccination against COVID-19 among University community members, with a requirement that all students and faculty receive a vaccine and verify their vaccination status with Brown.

Vaccination rates among the campus community are determined by the submission of a completed vaccination card.

Why track vaccination rates?

Tracking vaccination rates helps faculty, staff and students understand the overall health of the community. Brown’s planning to transition to a more traditional fall is based on the increasing pace of vaccinations against COVID-19 and the expectation that the vast majority of the Brown community will be vaccinated by the end of the summer.

Overwhelming evidence suggests that vaccinated people are far less likely to spread the virus to others. Requiring all members of the Brown community to be vaccinated additionally enables the University community to return more quickly to normal operations in support of its mission of teaching and research.