Symptom Tracking

Essential to protecting individual and community health at Brown is the responsibility of all students, faculty and staff to engage in daily symptom monitoring and to self-isolate if they experience symptoms associated with COVID-19.

Brown has partnered with Verily, a third-party COVID-19 testing vendor, to deploy a web-based symptom tracker to complement the University’s testing and contracting strategy. Each day, all community members authorized to be on campus respond to a web-based screening survey to record health conditions.

The symptom tracker includes a comprehensive list of symptoms identified by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) as possible symptoms of COVID-19. To reduce the risk of exposing others to the virus, which is transmitted by community spread, it is important to track all potential symptoms.

As students and employees are authorized to return to campus, they receive a prompt to enroll with Verily and begin to use the Symptom Tracker daily.

While it is recommended to complete the symptom tracker every day as a best practice, it is only required for employees on days they are scheduled to work on campus. Please note, however, that if an employee skips a day or days, the system will not send an email reminder to complete the symptom tracker until the employee logs in and completes the tracker again. Employees should log on to on each first scheduled day back at work and complete the symptom tracker, and daily reminders will be sent.