Return to Campus Plans

As of June 2021, employee designations for working on-site at Brown no longer are guided by Return to Campus plans.

The University has discontinued the development, review, and approval of Return to Campus Plans (research, academic and administrative). Departments and labs are now responsible for reviewing, approving and maintaining on-site staffing, as well as submitting all staffing changes directly to University Human Resources (UHR).

Brown will continue to require COVID-19 testing for employees with essential designations of on-site and special until further notice. However, since testing has been moved to once per week for all employees, the degree of contact will no longer be collected.

While the University’s asymptomatic testing program is in place, departments should submit changes to on-site staffing directly to University Human Resources using the updated essential designation spreadsheet posted on the UHR website and send it to [email protected].

If you have any questions, please contact [email protected].


On-site work by essential research visitors, and field research by Brown faculty, students and staff still require University review as described on the  Resuming Research website.

UHR established the following Summer 2021 deadlines to submit review requests for essential research visitors, cores external users or field research:

Noon (12:00 pm) Thursday, June 17
Noon (12:00 pm) Thursday, July 1
Noon (12:00 pm) Thursday, July15

Noon (12:00 pm) Thursday, July 29
Noon (12:00 pm) Thursday, August 12


Last updated July 2, 2021. Information on this page may be updated as the University’s planning evolves and/or public health guidance prompts a shift in Brown’s operations and protocols.