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Policies and Protocols

A set of principles and procedures is guiding the development, review and approval of plans to resume research operations in labs during Stage 1 of a graduate return to laboratory-based research.

Stage 1 of a graduate and controlled return to research operations conducted on campus was launched in June 2020 with a focus on Brown’s extensive portfolio of laboratory-based research.

A research continuity committee of faculty and staff, chaired by Brown’s vice president for research, developed Research Facilities Reopening Principles and Procedures: Stage 1. This document details the principles that are guiding the development, review and approval of plans to resume research operations in labs, as well as the criteria that will guide responding to requests to resume activity. Social distancing and reduced density of research personnel in University research spaces will continue to be required until public health guidelines allow for changes in practice.

The review of all submitted plans involves representatives of multiple departments and offices, including department chairs, building representatives, Environmental Health and Safety, and Facilities Management. The process culminates in recommendations from the vice president for research to Brown’s provost and executive vice president for finance and administration for final review and decisions.

Anyone who can perform their research remotely must continue to do so in Stage 1 of reopening. By minimizing the number of people in Brown buildings, this will allow adequate access with social distancing for those whose research absolutely requires work in Brown facilities. Researchers approved to work in labs as part of an approved Resumption of Research plan must complete training titled “Social Distancing and Return to Campus Guidelines for Employees” and sign the COVID-19 Workplace Safety Policy Acknowledgement Form.

We recognize that many other kinds of research that faculty conduct, including the use of archival materials, would benefit from taking place on campus, and the University anticipates considering those requests in advance of the Fall 2020 semester.

Questions and suggestions regarding any of these matters may be directed to the appropriate office or an email address established for questions regarding Brown’s return to campus, [email protected].

Last updated July 7, 2020. Information on this page may be updated as the University’s planning evolves and/or public health guidance prompts a shift in Brown’s operations and protocols.