Health and Wellness

Brown is adapting its health care, counseling and accessibility services to provide essential support to students during the 2020-21 academic year.

Health Services

As part of its mission to provide primary care that is patient-centered, high-quality, confidential, easily accessible and responsive to students’ needs, Health Services continues to play an essential role in 2020-21 both in the University’s COVID-19 response and for other student health issues and needs.

Health Services provides routine, episodic, and primary care by appointment, and assists with concerns related to COVID-19, at its Andrews House location at 13 Brown Street, the Annex at Minden Hall located at 131 Waterman Street, as well as via telehealth visits. To ensure the safety of students receiving care and health providers in the facility, “walk-in” visits remain prohibited — students can call 401-863-1330 for questions about symptoms or health concerns or to arrange an appointment in person or via telehealth.

Health Services

COVID-19 Testing, Tracing and Isolation Protocols

In regard to COVID-19, Health Services is in regular contact with the Rhode Island Department of Health (RIDOH) and follows all of the state's guidelines and recommendations for response. Infection prevention measures have been put in place to ensure the safety of students and staff.

Brown continues to perform testing of students at Health Services, using nasopharyngeal swabs, when they have symptoms that may suggest coronavirus illness, and samples are sent off campus for processing. Testing of symptomatic students and timely results of those tests are aiding in the identification of the virus on campus and isolation of students who are sick and quarantine of their contacts.

The department requires standard clinical personal protective equipment to perform the tests. In addition, an alternate testing site has been identified on campus for Health Services to perform tests to avoid congestion of symptomatic students at facilities where other students may visit for unrelated issues.

The University has identified staff in Health Services (and in University Human Resources) who are responsible for assisting with contact tracing of students, faculty and staff who test positive for SARS-CoV-2. All of these individuals complete the “COVID-19 Contact Tracing” training program provided by Johns Hopkins University. Health Services uses an established protocol to follow up on all positive tests in students, identifying potential community contacts using available digital applications and through virtual interviews of those with positive SARS-CoV-2 swabs.

Students enrolled for summer, who live in private off-campus apartments are also treated, tested and contact-traced through Health Services but are able to isolate in their apartments rather than campus spaces established for isolation and quarantine.

Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS)

Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS) provides a range of mental health services to the Brown community, with services available for all current Brown students — undergraduate, graduate and medical — both on or near campus as well as those who will remain away from campus.

All students, regardless of location, can access care through CAPS on Demand, available 24/7, by calling 401-863-3476 and following the prompts. However, due to newly-implemented regulations, CAPS therapists located in Rhode Island are unable to provide telehealth services to students outside of Rhode Island.

CAPS encourages students to contact us with concerns both during the business day and after hours, and can also be reached by email at [email protected] For the latest information of services available and the best ways to get in touch, students should visit the CAPS website directly.

CAPS website

Student Accessibility Services

Student Accessibility Services coordinates and facilitates services for undergraduate, graduate and postdoctoral students who may be working with a range of disabilities including but not limited to mobility, sensory, psychological, chronic illness or learning differences.

Students with previously approved academic accommodations can direct questions or concerns via email or by phone. SAS continues to work with students and faculty as they develop plans for remote learning to ensure that students have the support they need. If the remote learning environment conflicts with the needs of the student with a disability, or if students have specific questions about accommodations, they can email SAS at [email protected] or leave a voicemail at 401-863-9588.

New students can visit the SAS Registration page for more information about the accommodation process and registering with SAS. Those with questions about documentation should reach out via email or phone during weekday business hours.

The Office of Residential Life will provide up-to-date notifications about housing changes — SAS does not have information about room assignments or any other Residential Life process. For more information about housing accommodations, students can visit the Housing Accommodation website. Those with additional questions should refer to the Spring 2021 Housing Accommodation FAQ page, or email [email protected]

Last updated April 21, 2021. Information on this page may be updated as the University’s planning evolves and/or public health guidance prompts a shift in Brown’s operations and protocols.